SURF on Buzzbank

14 Dec 2010

Survivors Fund (SURF) is proud to announce that it is one of the pioneering ventures on buzzbank, the social venture hothouse.


Buzzbank is an online marketplace connecting social ventures with backers, supporters and cheerleaders. Buzzbank backers find ventures they like and provide support with funding, feedback, and other means alongside like-minded individuals who are equally passionate about social ventures. In short, it’s crowd funding for social ventures.

Survivors Fund (SURF) has posted a project to try raise £10,000 to fund a new income-generating association of widows of the genocide with our partner AVEGA Agahozo. The association will extend the successful model of the Abasangiye Cooperative that we established in collaboration with Indego Africa and Foundation Rwanda earlier this year.

Members of the Abasangiye Cooperative (photo: Indego Africa)

Members of the Abasangiye Cooperative (photo: Indego Africa)

In return for backing the venture, supporters that donate through buzzbank receive an array of benefits dependent on the level of their funding. This ranges from a 10% discount voucher for cards and jewellery produced by survivors (for a £5 donation) through to a unique opportunity to enjoy a Rwandan dinner with SURF’s founder, Mary Kayitesi Blewitt OBE (for a £1,000 donation). For just £10 you will receive a special podcast by SURF Patron, Felicity Finch, on her favourite Rwandan songs.

Once we raise £1,240 we will be in a position to commence the project.  To donate then please CLICK HERE.

Any support that you can offer will be, as ever, greatly appreciated!

Thank you.