By 2014 we will have built a solid institutional base for the work of SURF and its partners 

Survivors Fund (SURF) is working to:
- Develop strategies that ensure core funding to sustain SURF’s support to partners
– Ensure effective governance of SURF, and strengthen the governance of our partners
– Train, develop and support the staff of SURF, and the staff of our partners
– Support partners to develop and fundraise for institutional revenue generation activities
– Redesign the SURF website and support partners to strengthen their online presence

Over the next three years, we aim to:
- Ensure that our partners are generating more revenue
– Strengthen the capacity of SURF to deliver the support requested by partners
– Attract more visitors to the website of SURF and our partners

By 2014 we will empower survivors in the UK to advocate for themselves and SURF

Survivors Fund (SURF) is working to:
- Develop the capacity of UK-based survivors’ organisations
– Generate funding and allocate hardship grants to survivors in need in the UK
– Develop relationships with allied organisations (e.g. in Holocaust and mental health fields)
– Facilitate the organisation of genocide commemoration events in the UK

Over the next three years, we aim to:
- Secure greater support for survivors in the UK
– Ensure that survivors are better represented in and by the work of SURF in the UK