Local Partners

Survivors Fund (SURF) rebuilds the lives of survivors of the genocide through the work of an array of local partner organisations in Rwanda which directly support widows and orphans and other vulnerable survivors of the genocide.

Our local partners currently include:

AVEGA Agahozo – Association of Widows of the Genocide
AERG – Survivors’ Association of Students and Pupils
Solace Ministries – Christian Association of Survivors of the Genocide
IBUKA – National Umbrella of Survivors’ Organisations in Rwanda
Uyisenga N’manzi – Survivors’ Association of HIV+ Orphan-headed Households
Kanyarwanda – Association of Women Survivors of the Genocide and Sexual Violence
GAERG – Survivors’ Association of Graduated Students and Pupils
AOCM – Survivors’ Association of Orphan-headed Households
ASRG Mpore – Association of Survivors of the Rwandan Genocide
Duhozanye – Association of Genocide Widows in Butare
Dukundane Family – Association of Young Survivors