Kanyarwanda was constituted in 1991 as an independent non-profit non-governmental organisation, to promote and defend human rights and equality, and to fight injustice. Due to this fact, it was the first local NGO in Rwanda to demand a full international investigation of the Genocide.

Today, it campaigns for human rights and the rule of law, and delivers counselling, health and education, legal assistance and business development assistance to survivors and their relatives.

Kanyarwanda manages Carvitore, the Centre for Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture and Repression. Carvitore focuses on providing counselling and legal assistance, particularly in support of the Gaccaca trials, and offering a safe forum for women to come together to share their experiences in order to begin the healing process. It also offers health services, and funds homes for women who have been raped (and their children).

Kanyarwanda receives ongoing financial support from the United Nations Fund for Victims of Torture and Medica Mondiale to deliver the Carvitore project.

Survivors Fund (SURF) began working with Kanyarwanda in 2009 as a partner on our Foundation Rwanda programme, to support children born of rape through school. Currently we support 174 such children in primary school, and 263 children in secondary school.

We are currently developing a concurrent programme of psychosocial support for the women of the children, to help those that choose to disclose to their children the

To learn more about the projects of Kanyarwanda, and their plans for the work ahead, then please do read their Annual Report.