Rebuilding Lives

By 2014 we will be reaching more vulnerable survivors to increase their standard of living 

Survivors Fund (SURF) is working to:
- Strengthen the capacity of the partners to develop and deliver IGA programmes
– Research new opportunities and develop proposals with partners for IGAs
– Help secure partnerships to extend revenue sources
– Provide technical support and monitoring for income generating activities
– Support the transition of survivors from tertiary education into employment
– Advocate for and raise funding for shelter for the most vulnerable survivors

Over the next three years, we aim to:
– Reduce the number of very vulnerable survivors
– Increase the number of survivors with secure and sustainable livelihoods
– Support our partners to deliver more support to survivors in need

By 2014 we will have delivered greater access to essential services for survivors

Survivors Fund (SURF) is working to:
- Be flexible in our response to emerging vulnerabilities of survivors groups
– Sustain funding for student survivors, and seek funding for new students
– Support more children born of rape to access education
– Secure funding and develop partners capacity to deliver holistic support to HIV+ survivors
– Identify and engage new partners to support essential services for survivors
– Research and educate on the sensitivities of delivering essential services to survivors
– Advocate and raise funds for effective and expansive mental health provision for survivors

Over the next three years, we aim to:
- Secure greater access to primary healthcare for survivors
– Increase investment in education of survivors, and their dependents
– Scale up partners’ holistic antiretroviral treatment programmes for HIV+ survivors