Our Mission

Survivors Fund (SURF) works to deliver, fundraise and advocate for programmes that rebuild the lives of survivors of the genocide and the most vulnerable, that empower them and that foster sustainable integration and development in Rwanda.

The vision of Survivors Fund (SURF) is a world where survivors are respected and integrated.

The Guiding Principles of SURF are:

  • SURF’s commitment to survivors, vulnerable populations and survivor organisations is long term
  • SURF is independent in its response to the priorities of survivors and the most vulnerable
  • SURF builds the capacity of survivor organisations as strong actors in Rwandan civil society
  • SURF supports sustainable activities that are integrated into mainstream planning

The focus for the work of Survivors Fund (SURF) is:

Rebuilding Lives
• Increase in the number of survivors and most vulnerable with secure and sustainable livelihoods
• Vulnerable populations to have secured access to essential support (including care for the aged, trauma counselling and prevention of GBV)
• Completing the education of orphaned survivors and children born of rape, with a focus on Technical and Vocational training

Sustainable Development
• Support successful income generation projects and entrepreneurship for survivors and vulnerable populations
• Helping survivor organisations to become financially secure for the long term
• Enforcing the rights and legal representation of survivors and vulnerable groups