A Note from our Chief Executive

Samuel Munderere, SURF Chief Executive with beneficiaries of SURF's Foundation Rwanda programme
Samuel Munderere, SURF Chief Executive with beneficiaries of SURF's Foundation Rwanda programme

Each year Survivors Fund (SURF) publishes its Annual Report and Accounts, which are officially filed with the Charity Commission. They are thus publicly available to download and read here.

Over the course of this month, we are sharing some of the highlights from the report here.

We highlight this week the Note from the Chief Executive of Survivors Fund (SURF), Samuel Munderere.

This financial year saw the resilience of our organisation on the back of funding challenges. In a challenging financial environment, we were able to reduce our expenditure on core costs both in Rwanda and the UK by nearly 40% with the aim that the cuts would help us to keep offices open and reach out to the survivors and local organisations we work with.  More importantly it will ensure that we are able to be more sustainable in the longer term, by building back our reserve so that we can better weather any future downturn in funding in future.

Still, growth must be a priority for our organisation if we’re going to reach as many survivors and communities as we can. Acknowledging our changing environment has played an important role in developing a new strategy which recognised our intent to take a more inclusive in the way we work to build stronger survivors communities.

Through economic empowerment projects, psychosocial, educational and entrepreneurship programs we have witnessed enhancements in the lives of many survivors. We are fortunate to have the support of an array of committed donors, notably UK Aid, Comic Relief, Charities Advisory Trust, Foundation Rwanda, INSPIRE!africa and many individual donors.

During 2016, Survivors Fund (SURF) continued to strengthen the capacity of survivor’s organizations, principally AVEGA Agahozo and AERG, enabling them to rebuild survivor’s livelihoods through business and entrepreneurship training, access to finance, psychosocial support and advocacy. By supporting survivors, we are helping them to realize their potential and change their lives and communities for the better.

Thanks to your tremendous support, we made significant progress last year. Through innovative, evidence-based programs and relentless advocacy, we are demonstrating that our vision for survivors is within our reach. In the year ahead we plan to empower more survivors to rebuild their lives through holistic approaches to economic empowerment and psychosocial support.

We finished 2016 stronger and ready to take on the challenges ahead. Thank you to everyone involved for the determination that has brought us to this point. I have every confidence that 2017, which also marks twenty years since SURF was first established, will bring even greater positive change for survivors.

Please join us in taking the next step toward making a world in which the rights and dignity of survivors are respected. 

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