• 27 Nov. 2014

    Reparation & Reconciliation

    The 20th anniversary of the Genocide against the Tutsi in April 2014 renewed discussions about justice and reconciliation in Rwanda. Rwanda’s restorative justice sentenced thousands of perpetrators to reparation (often a monetary compensation) at the gacaca (community courts). However, many survivors have yet to receive reparation and most perpetrators keen to make reparation are poor and unable to do so. Guest Post by Iran Seyed-Raeisy: ... Read more »

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  • DSCN2589

    6 Nov. 2014

    Widows & Agriculture

    New research from Stuart Jones of the University of Reading (UK) shows that agricultural vulnerability of widow farmers in social processes is largely ... Read more »

  • One Dollar 2

    30 Oct. 2014

    One Dollar Opens

    The One Dollar Hostel, new home to 192 vulnerable, genocide orphans, was inaugurated this week by Francis Kaboneka, Local Government Minister, after a ... Read more »


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