Survival Against the Odds

In July 2005, SURF collated and produced a book of testimonies of survivors of the Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. This book, entitled Survival Against the Odds, is a key part of SURF’s commitment to giving survivors a voice – a strong enough voice to be heard around the world.

Survival Against the Odds contains the testimonies of five survivors of the Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. The brutal and harsh horrors they lived through, and their plight today, is recounted in their own words. The book also contains a chronology of the genocide, interspersed with excerpts of the testimonies, thereby giving the reader a very personal sense of how the genocide unfolded.

SURF has made Survival Against the Odds available to educators, organisations and individuals free of charge through electronic distribution.

Unfortunately, shipping costs to overseas locations make the distribution of this book in hard copy very expensive. However, to obtain a copy for education work in the UK please email enquiries(at) stating the purpose of your work, and your mailing address.