GAERG is a Genocide survivors’ organisation that comprises of university graduates and other students in higher learning institutions. The organisation, however, works hand-in-hand with its sister institution, AERG (Genocide Survivors Students Association), that mostly consists of students still in high school and tertiary institutions.

The organisation’s activities are related to genocide prevention and following up on the lives of survivors, and finding ways to uplift them.

For survivors who already graduated, the organisation follows up on their younger siblings who are still in school, and helps them as ‘part of their family’. This is because the organisation started with the mission to build ‘a new family’ for survivors to replace their own families that were killed during the genocide.

They have different programmes to help students get the knowledge and skills that will help them be knowledgeable in the job market, as well as fit in society, just like their peers who are lucky to have their families. For instance, they provide entrepreneurship-related skills and help them build their capacity to fit in the job market. Also, they provide assistance in terms of encouragement and mentorship.

GAERG has an active youtube channel and facebook page.