• Gacaca

    Reparation & Reconciliation

    27 Nov 2014

    The 20th anniversary of the Genocide against the Tutsi in April 2014 renewed discussions about justice and reconciliation in Rwanda. Rwanda’s restorative justice sentenced thousands of perpetrators to … Read more »

  • DSCN2589

    Widows & Agriculture

    6 Nov 2014

    New research from Stuart Jones of the University of Reading (UK) shows that agricultural vulnerability of widow farmers in social processes is largely manifested from actions of extended … Read more »

  • One Dollar 2

    One Dollar Opens

    30 Oct 2014

    The One Dollar Hostel, new home to 192 vulnerable, genocide orphans, was inaugurated this week by Francis Kaboneka, Local Government Minister, after a four-year construction phase. The brainchild … Read more »

  • DSCN2832


    6 Oct 2014

    The BBC’s recent “Rwanda: The Untold Story” provides a highly imbalanced account of the Rwandan Genocide against the Tutsi, with no challenge to its selection of sources and … Read more »

  • Mothers say Thank You


    17 Sep 2014

    A group of mothers, victims of rape committed during the genocide, who have attended our community counselling programme, gave us a big surprise last week. They presented us … Read more »

  • 14089994031408916873E


    10 Sep 2014

    Enterprising Genocide Survivors Bag Rwf 5 Million Unsecured Loans By Emmanuel Ntirenganya and Michel Nkurunziza The New Times Five young enterprising graduate Genocide survivors have won a total … Read more »