• SURFAR15Cover

    Annual Report

    25 Sep 2016

    We are pleased to announce the publication of the SURF Annual Report 2015/16, which presents an overview of our work over the past year. The Annual Report is a … Read more »

  • Iwacu


    12 Sep 2016

    A short film about Iwacu Productions, a handicrafts cooperative which has been formed with the support of Clementine Munyaneza, a survivor of the genocide in Rwanda. In partnership … Read more »

  • Incike 2015 Campaign

    CNLG Survey

    7 Sep 2016

    By Michel Nkurunziza, Rwanda Focus. The National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG) together with other relevant organizations will this Tuesday launch a survey to identify genocide … Read more »

  • Widows

    Elderly widows

    31 Aug 2016

    With their age and weak bodies it is demanding for elderly widows to help themselves, loneliness is a bigger challenge for the elderly and makes their last days … Read more »

  • 2 (2)


    19 Aug 2016

    Empowering vulnerable youth to rebuild their lives through business training is one of the ways of unlocking their potential. We are empowering these youth to realize their full … Read more »

  • SURFTeam2016


    9 Aug 2016

    In July, three of the trustees from the Survivors Fund (SURF) UK Board, Sam Hunt (Chair), Adrian Veale (Treasurer) and Will Goodhand, visited Rwanda. The team undertook work with survivors providing … Read more »