SURF Annual Report 2009

The SURF Annual Report 2009 highlights our successes over the past year, as well as the challenges ahead for SURF, our partner organisations, and the survivors of the Rwandan genocide which we are constituted to support. We have strived to be as honest as possible about our work, as well as transparent about the state of our finances. It can be downloaded by clicking on the cover below:

We have pasted an extract from the Director’s Report here:

2009 has been a particularly challenging year.

I began as the new director of SURF in January 2009, succeeding SURF’s Founder, Mary Kayitesi Blewitt OBE. The legacy of her tireless work is an organisation with strong and enduring relationships with funders. However, funding for a number of our projects came to a natural end during the last year, which created urgent challenges in seeking to maintain our income to match our continuing expenditure, to meet the ongoing needs of survivors in Rwanda.

In spite of this obstacle, and because of our remarkable team in Rwanda, the positive impact of SURF’s work has not suffered. As an independent evaluation of twelve years of SURF projects funded by Comic Relief reported at the end of the year:

“The achievements of SURF as a catalyst and advocate on behalf of survivor organisations, have been remarkable.”

Though we recognise that there is still much more for us to do, we are glad to be able to report this year’s highlights include:

The completion of the construction and equipping of a new health clinic in Ntarama, which opened in October 2009 and is being managed by AVEGA Eastern Region through the support of Network 4 Africa and INSPIRE!africa.

The launch of a new programme with Foundation Rwanda to deliver educational support to children born to women survivors raped during the genocide.

The development of a new education into employment programme for survivors at university to enhance their job prospects, in partnership with Project Umubano (UK Conservative Party International Social Action Programme). The extension of two capacity-building programmes with AVEGA Western Region and IBUKA, to enable both organisations to advocate and deliver frontline services more effectively with funding from Comic Relief. The construction of twelve new houses in Kamonyi with funding from the Isle of Man Government and the rehabilitation of forty houses in Gitarama with funding from Jubilee Action.

The roll-out of a new solar lamp project to distribute over 1,000 solar lamps to households of survivors in villages across Rwanda with funding from Good Gifts.

We completed a strategic planning process over the year, and have mapped out our objectives until 2012. In the spirit of openness and transparency that we aspire to in all our work, we have published this on our website.

The purpose of this report is to record the year’s events, to explain what we’ve learned from them, and to give a clear picture of what we are planning for the future. It also provides details on how Survivors Fund (SURF) is run, and discloses the policies the Trustees use to ensure our continued effectiveness.

As such, this annual report is somewhat different than others that we have published previously. It is modelled on the recommended template developed by Intelligent Giving, now part of New Philanthropy Capital.

If you have any questions, or require any further information, on anything included in the report then please do not hesitate to contact me at dr(at) or on 020 7610 2589.

Thank you.