Good Gifts

Through funding from the Good Gifts Catalogue, an initiative of the Charities Advisory Trust, we have extended our support to thousands of widows and orphans that are beneficiaries of our ongoing livelihoods program, enabling them to become more independent and … Continue Reading »

Samuel Munderere, Chief Executive of Survivors Fund (SURF)

Annual Message from SURF CEO

As a prelude to the publication of our Annual Report 2018-19, we feature from it a message from the Chief Executive of Survivors Fund (SURF), Samuel Munderere: This was a milestone year for Survivors Fund (SURF). We launched our new strategic … Continue Reading »

25 Years On Film

25 Years On

Today marks the International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda and the start of the 100-day commemoration in Rwanda which runs through to July. 25 years on from the genocide, it is as important … Continue Reading »

Foundation Rwanda

Foundation Rwanda

Since Foundation Rwanda’s inception in 2007, Survivors Fund (SURF) has been a key partner in providing life-changing services to the Foundation Rwanda families, addressing the education and counselling needs of young people conceived by rape during the 1994 genocide committed … Continue Reading »

From Red Earth

From Red Earth

In the space of a hundred days, a million Tutsi in Rwanda were slaughtered by their Hutu neighbors. At the height of the genocide, as men with bloody machetes ransacked her home, Denise Uwimana gave birth to her third son. … Continue Reading »

Foundation Rwanda Website

Rwanda’s Children of Rape Have Come of Age

In this weekened’s The New York Times, Jonathan Torgovnik, publishes an update of his remarkable photojournalism work which features women survivors of the genocide in Rwanda, and their children born to them of rape. This coincides with the relaunch of … Continue Reading »

Foundation Rwanda Mothers

Foundation Rwanda Update

Through funding from Foundation Rwanda, Survivors Fund (SURF) is currently addressing the education and counselling needs of young people conceived through rape during and under circumstances directly related to the 1994 genocide committed against Tutsi in Rwanda. The challenge for … Continue Reading »