Summary of the year

Here we describe our work in the year ending 31 December 2011, highlighting our strengths and weaknesses, and looking forward to the work that we plan to undertake in 2012. Progress is assessed against our goals as stated in the … Continue Reading »


We have examined the major risks to which the charity is exposed and review them at each Board meeting. Systems and procedures have been put in place to manage those risks. The Risk Register is maintained by the Chief Executive … Continue Reading »

Future plans

Our long-term plans are outlined in our Strategic Plan 2012 – 2014, and our more immediate plans are outlined in the Summary of the Year section. The focus of our work will be concentrated in two principal areas: DELIVERING JUSTICE … Continue Reading »

How SURF is run

How SURF is run Survivors Fund (SURF) is a charitable company, registered in England and Wales with both the Charity Commission (1065705) and Companies House (04311565). This structure, which is used by many charities, allows us to have all the … Continue Reading »


The work of SURF would not be possible without an incredible team of committed staff. In Rwanda, we are thankful in particular to Gabo Wilson (National Coordinator) and Ariane Uwamahoro (Administrator). Jude Tibenmanya stepped down from his post as Programme … Continue Reading »

Financial Summary

INCOME We had a formal income target of £850,000, which we met this year. Since the Chief Executive assumed the post in 2009, income has increased by 60%, a remarkable achievement considering the challenging financial period. Through a number of … Continue Reading »


Support previously available to genocide survivors in Rwanda through FARG (Government Assistance Fund for Survivors) is beginning to be mainstreamed into the new National Social Protection Strategy that will prioritise survivors alongside a number of other vulnerable groups for such support – including housing, healthcare, and … Continue Reading »


New projects – Developing a new Wellness Centre managed by AVEGA in Cyangugu for genocide widows in the Western Region, funded by INSPIRE!africa; – Establishing a new goat farm in Nyagatare in partnership with AERG, and funded by Good Gifts; – Rolling out a … Continue Reading »

The Year in Review

The past year has been a successful one for Survivors Fund (SURF) as this reports attests. We have not only scaled up many of our flagship projects, but we have developed a number of new and innovative projects as well. Our philosophy continues to … Continue Reading »