Future Plans

Our long-term plans are outlined in our Strategic Plan 2012 – 2014, and our more immediate plans are outlined in the Summary of the Year section. The focus of our work will be concentrated in two principal areas: Delivering Justice … Continue Reading »

How SURF is run

Survivors Fund (SURF) is a charitable company, registered in England and Wales with both the Charity Commission (1065705) and Companies House (04311565). This structure, which is used by many charities, allows us to have all the advantages of charitable status, … Continue Reading »

Financial Review

FINANCIAL REVIEW FOR 2012 SUMMARY 2012 proved our most successful year of fundraising since 2006. Not only did our income increase year-on-year by 35% to £1,149,633, but we also reduced our expenditure in the UK ensuring that we maximised our … Continue Reading »


We have examined the major risks to which the charity is exposed and review them at each Board meeting. Systems and procedures have been put in place to manage those risks. The Risk Register is maintained by the Chief Executive … Continue Reading »


The work of SURF would not be possible without an incredible team of committed staff. SURF is led by David Russell, based in the UK. David has been Chief Executive of Survivors Fund (SURF) since January 2009, when he succeeded … Continue Reading »

Summary of the Year

Here we describe a selection of our work in the year ending 31 December 2012, and look forward to the work that we plan to undertake in 2013. We have included a series of case studies from projects, to highlight … Continue Reading »


Three times a year, SURF convenes a meeting in Kigali of all our partner organisations, which presents us with an opportunity to hear further from them on the progress of their work, and to update them on news and developments … Continue Reading »


In January, we piloted a new Youth Entrepreneurship Training Programme (YETP) in partnership with the Association of Student Genocide Survivors (AERG); made possible through funding from the Kattan Family. Its guiding vision is to develop a model of best practice in the … Continue Reading »

The Year in Review/Preview

This past year, 2012, has been a landmark for Survivors Fund (SURF). In partnership with AVEGA Agahozo, the national association of widows of the genocide, we have proven the impact of our holistic model of sustainable livelihood development for survivors … Continue Reading »