Solar cooking

Following our site visit to learn more about water purifiers, we travelled on to Rilima to meet Josephine to see her solar cooker in action. This was one of a number of experimental solar cookers donated by Survivors Fund (SURF), … Continue Reading »

The Gift of Water

One of the principal funders of the work of Survivors Fund (SURF) in Rwanda is the Charities Advisory Trust, which supports our work through Card Aid and the Good Gifts Catalogue. On my current visit to Rwanda, I have had … Continue Reading »

Donkeys donated by Good Gifts packing water

Donkey Work

In partnership with CREDI, a local Rwandan development organisation, with funding from the Good Gifts Catalogue, SURF has recently launched a rural women’s empowerment project with donkeys. Donkeys are not native to Rwanda, but following yearlong research, we identified a … Continue Reading »