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Survivors Fund (SURF)

Street scene, Kigali © SURF
Street scene, Kigali © SURF

(company limited by guarantee)
Annual report and audited accounts for the year ending 31 December 2009
Registered as a company in England and Wales, number 04311565
Registered as a charity with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, number 1065705

Reference and administrative details

Registered company number 04311565
Registered charity number 1065705
Registered office: 12 Rickett Street, West Brompton, London SW6 1RU


  • Liliane Umubyeyi
  • Nick Joseph
  • David Lumley
  • Richard Blewitt

    Street scene, Kigali © SURF
    Street scene, Kigali © SURF
  • Lola Gostelow
  • Neill Quinton
  • Sarah Westcott
  • Jeanette Kagabo
  • Jean Louis Mazimpaka
  • Mark Pallis
  • Sam Hunt
  • Jeff Hunt

Company Secretary

Richard Blewitt


David Russell (from 1 January 2009)


Adam & Company
22 King Street
London SW1Y 6QY


Prestons & Jackson Partnership LLP
364-368 Cranbrook Road, Ilford IG 2 6HY

Survivors Fund (SURF) is rebuilding the lives of survivors of the Rwandan genocide. The vision of SURF is a world in which the rights and dignity of survivors are respected.

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