Social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is pattern breaking work of social importance which is sustainable and scalable. I am fortunate to be an alumnus of the Catherine B. Reynolds Graduate Fellow in Social Entrepreneurship, a two-year programme at New York University which fosters cross-disciplinary skills, … Continue Reading »

The Project Umubano Capacity Building Team with representatives from SURF's partner organisations

Project Umubano 2010

This is a guest blog post by Will Goodhand, a participant on Project Umubano, the international social action programme of the UK Conservative Party, which worked with Survivors Fund (SURF) to develop and deliver a capacity building toolkit and workshop with … Continue Reading »

Projects Update

Whilst here in Rwanda, we have had the opportunity to see the progress of a number of projects funded by Survivors Fund (SURF). Through meetings with our partner organisations and field visits it has been excellent to see first hand … Continue Reading »

Fighting Genocide Denial

Over recent months, there has been a number of articles on the prevalence and politics of genocide denial, both in Rwanda as well as internationally too. Survivors Fund (SURF) along with its partner organisations strives to raise awareness of the genocide … Continue Reading »

Education into Employment

Last year, in partnership with the UK Conservative Party, SURF developed an Education into Employment programme to support young survivors at university in Rwanda to secure a job on graduation. This was developed by a group from Project Umubano, the … Continue Reading »

Mukabucyana Berte (centre in black tshirt) with members of ingoro y’urukundo and SURF Program Manager, Joram Sebatware (centre back)


A significant aspect of our work at Survivors Fund (SURF) is reporting – reporting on our own progress, that of our partner organisations, as well as the situation of survivors in Rwanda and the UK. During my current visit to … Continue Reading »

Annual Report 2009 Cover

SURF Annual Report

Earlier this month, the Board of Trustees of Survivors Fund (SURF) approved our Annual Report for 2009. You can download it here, or by clicking on the front cover below: We will be uploading to the website a more user-friendly … Continue Reading »



A primary focus of SURF’s work is rebuilding the lives of survivors by working with our partner organisations to increase numbers of those with secure and sustainable livelihoods. Our largest funder in 2009 was the Charities Advisory Trust which, through … Continue Reading »

International Funding

International Funding

SURF was founded with an objective to raise funding internationally for survivors of the genocide in Rwanda. In her memoir, You Alone May Live, SURF Founder, Mary Kayitesi Blewitt, recalls her first few months of work on her return from … Continue Reading »

The Holocaust and Rwanda

In many elements of SURF’s work addressing the consequences of the Rwandan genocide, there is a relation to the Holocaust as well as other genocides too. On our current project with UK-based survivors and schools, we have been privileged to … Continue Reading »