Raising awareness of survivors

SURF is fortunate to receive many requests from the media for comment and interviews on the situation of survivors in Rwanda today. Besides some of the more high profile media – such as the BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera – we also receive requests from less well known media outlets. When there is an opportunity to raise awareness of survivors’ issues, we always try meet them.

SURF’s Founder, Mary Kayitesi Blewitt, appeared on GRITtv with Laura Flanders to talk about the importance of securing justice for survivors in Rwanda in discussion with the award-winning filmmaker, Anne Aghion. Anne’s most recent film is My Neighbour, My Killer – an emotional journal for co-existence in Rwanda.

SURF’s Co-Chair, Liliane Umubyeyi, and myself were interviewed last night on Dubai’s Nightline with James Piecowye.  As Liliane raises in her interview, it is still very difficult for survivors to speak about their personal experiences just 15 years after the genocide. Thus, survivors like Liliane, and SURF Trustee, Jean Louis Mazimpaka, who will feature in the Guardian’s Experience series next month, are even more critical to conveying to the wider public the realities for survivors who may not be able to raise their voice themselves. For that, I for one am grateful.

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