Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice

Survivors Fund (SURF), in partnership with LSE Arts, will be presenting a new exhibition in the Atrium Gallery of the Old Building at the London School of Economics from Monday 18th July to Friday 26th August. An online version of the exhibition can now be downloaded here.

Restorative Justice

This is our second exhibition at the LSE, following the success of Heroes Of Our Time. The new exhibition, entitled Restorative Justice: Healing Wounds and Repairing Lives, explores the role of restorative justice in promoting the human rights and welfare of survivors of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. It features photos, text and video documenting restorative justice efforts for survivors in Rwanda.

It illustrates a range of programmes that SURF and our partner organisations in Rwanda offer to assist survivors of genocide in gaining access to healthcare, housing, education, job training, psycho-social support services and legal aid.

Highlighted are a selection of writings on restorative justice and related issues including reparation, compensation, forgiveness, reconciliation and aid. The exhibition also profiles some of the individuals and organisations that have been leading the drive for restorative justice for survivors of the genocide in Rwanda.

We are particularly grateful to Noam Schimmel for conceiving of the exhibition, Ngaire Ackerley and Liam Dempsey at lbdesign for the design, Drew Sutton for providing the photography, and Katherine Goldsmith and Leslie Harris for proofreading. It has been made possible due to the support of the LSE Annual Fund.

This exhibition is open to all, no ticket required. Visitors are welcome during weekdays (Monday – Friday) between 10am and 8pm (excluding bank holidays). Further information is online here.

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