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SURF is delighted that  CNLG has taken firm steps to see the Kamonyi building put to effective use. The  Kamonyi centre, built by SURF donors, for the preservation of the memory of the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi was passed over to CNLG last year. The building is located adjacent to the Kamonyi Genocide Memorial.

According to CNLG, a site visit was led by the Hon. Minister of Culture and Sports Hon. UWACU Julliene, accompanied by the CNLG Executive Secretary, Governor, Southern Province, and Mayor of Kamonyi District. The main objective of the site visit was to check the current status of the existing memorial center building, and finalize ownership process from Survivors Fund (SURF) to the District Authority.

The whole process started by introducing initial project background, and new intended use of the building, after consultation with different stakeholders. With the new intended use, after transfer to District Authorities, the building will be transformed to new intended use after rehabilitation and partitioning complying with functional use. The technical work and cost of rehabilitating the building will be prepared by the joint technical team from both District Authority and CNLG.

The technical report should be availed to District Authorities before the joint stakeholders meeting, which is scheduled before September 2015 for budgeting process and fund mobilization. Hon. Minister insisted the urgent need of rehabilitation and partitioning to be accomplished before the next commemoration session.

Kamonyi: CNLG hands over to Kamonyi district

By Kigali Today

First Published: July 29th

After 9 years the Kamonyi Genocide Memorial by SURF has been given to the district by CNLG and the Ministry of Culture and sports. The building is to be used for the purpose for it was build surviving as a genocide research center.

The hand over took place on the 28th July. Present were the minister of Culture and sports, the Head of CNLG, the governor of the Southern province and the mayor of Kamonyi District.

A committee is going to be put in place to work out what is required to renovate the building and to work on identifying the equipment and resources needed to make the research center operational.

CNLG will be responsible for advising and following up to ensure the building is used for the purpose of genocide research. This research center will help in the fight against genocide denial especially that different people will be able to come and use the center. The construction of the building was started in 2006 by SURF and after handed over to CNLG in 2014.

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