Future Plans

Our long-term plans are outlined in our Strategic Plan 2009 – 2011, and our more immediate plans are outlined in the charitable activities section. The focus of our work will continue to be based around the following three areas:

Delivering Justice

• Reduction in the number of genocidal-linked killings of survivors;

• Greater funding specifically for survivors from the international community;

• Protection of the rights of the survivors’, in particular relating to gender justice.


• Ensure that survivors’ organisations are generating more revenue

• Improve the sustainability of SURF and its partners;

• Empower survivors in the UK to address their own needs.

Rebuilding Lives

• Increase in the number of survivors with secure and sustainable livelihoods;

• Reduction in the number of survivors categorised as “very vulnerable”;

• Survivors to have secured access to essential services;

• Greater investment in education of survivors, and their dependents.

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