AERG Research

This week, AERG published a new research report on legal and homeless problems on effecting trauma in student survivors of the genocide. The research was funded by Survivors Fund (SURF), as part of the Project Umubano advocacy project.

The research was based on interviews with a sample of 213 members of AERG across Rwanda. Of the statistically significant randomised sample,  88% of respondents were identified as exhibiting symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and 77% exhibited symptoms of depression.

The living conditions of Jean Claude Gasana, an AERG member, profiled in the research report

The research determined that there is a strong correlation between legal and homeless problems on trauma. The principal recommendation of the report concluded that to resolve such cases of trauma amongst student survivors, it is critical to address its root causes. By ensuring that student survivors have secure shelter, and have access to support and aid to resolve outstanding legal cases, it will strengthen the mental health of this vulnerable, and often marginalised, population.

The findings of the report have been widely report, including on Igihe, as well as on Rwanda Radio and Rwanda TV.

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