Commemorating the 15th Anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide

SURF is working hard at present on a number of commemoration events to mark the 15th Anniversary of the genocide. We have our own survivor-led commemoration on 4th April, which we are organising with our partner Hope Survivors Foundation (HSF) in London.

In addition to our own event, we have also been helping to organise to other events, one at the Houses of Parliament on 1st April, and the other at the United Nations in New York on 7th April.  All the events will involve a Reading of the Testimonies, an international initiative to provide a platform to raise awareness of the situation of survivors of the genocide in Rwanda through survivor’s own words. Naturally, all support will be massively appreciated, but if you cannot attend any of the events there are many other ways you can help, none more so than by considering a donation to help support survivors directly through our programmes in Rwanda.

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