Fighting Genocide Denial

Over recent months, there has been a number of articles on the prevalence and politics of genocide denial, both in Rwanda as well as internationally too.

Survivors Fund (SURF) along with its partner organisations strives to raise awareness of the genocide itself, the history leading up to it and the situation of survivors in Rwanda itself. Genocide denial is a worrying trend – though sadly one that parallels Holocaust denial.

The effect of genocide denial is stark for survivors. It is a  negation of what they have experienced, and what they have lost. It can lead to trauma, as well as result in great anxiety and insecurity. This is particularly true over the period of the anniversary of the genocide, from April to July.

Insecurity for survivors has been heightened recently due to ongoing reports of genocidaires that have still to be brought to justice, many which have found sanctuary in Europe. This coupled with the ongoing neglect of aid agencies to support survivors,  the mismanagement of funding from FARG intended for survivors, and the absence of an apology from religious authorities involved in the genocide, in particular the Church.

Survivors Fund (SURF) continues to work to address these issues, amongst the many that effect survivors. The challenges are as great as ever, but with your ongoing support we may one day realise our vision: a world where the rights and dignity of survivors are respected.

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