Survivors Fund (SURF) is partnering with filmmakers Soenke C Weiss and Gerrit Hahn in a revenue-share of all proceeds generated from their documentary film – Ibyiza Birimbere.

Ibyiza Birimbere is Kinyarwanda and means “The best is still to come”. The protagonists of the film, Gerard (19) Odette (22), and Shenge (24), three young Rwandese, have different goals in life. Gerard wants to find his real parents. Odette, who wants to study psychology, believes in articulating her own trauma, while Shenge uses her art to transport the story she wants to tell to the world.


Gerard is one of hundreds of students which are supported through our Foundation Rwanda programme, supporting the education of young people born to women survivors raped during the genocide. All funds raised will go towards the programme.

The independent documentary was partly funded by a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo and the help of the friends and families of Soenke and Gerrit, as well as total strangers. The film was shot in Rwanda in April 2014.

The film is available to be streamed or downloaded from VHX here.


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