Partnering to support survivors

Survivors Fund (SURF) is fortunate to have a number of remarkable partners, which help us to raise funds for our work to support survivors as well as to raise awareness of the situation of survivors in Rwanda today.

Network 4 Africa has been a vital partner, leading a coalition of funders to enable SURF to construct a new health clinic in Ntarama. The clinic is due to open next month, and will be supported by a number of UK medical students as part of a medical elective programme facilitated by the Charities Advisory Trust. Adjacent to the clinic is a village of houses for orphan-headed households constructed with funding from Jubilee Action.

Foundation Rwanda is another critical partner of SURF, an organisation established by Jonathan Torgovnik, a Newsweek photojournalist, and Jules Shell. Foundation Rwanda has been raising funding for secondary schooling for children born to mothers raped during the genocide, and SURF is proud to be its partner to deliver the programme in Rwanda. Through a remarkable short film, which has been nominated for an Emmy award, the US-based organisation has raised awareness of this neglected population. It also has a series of powerful PSAs (Public Service Announcements) playing across online media as well as US broadcast channels, an example of which can be viewed below.

SURF continues to explore other partnerships, to enable us to leverage our limited capacity to reach an even greater number of survivors in Rwanda. To those partners that currently support us to this end, we are grateful.

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