Reporting on the situation of survivors

SURF is fortunate to secure coverage of its work, and the situation of survivors in Rwanda, through an array of different media channels.

This Sunday, BBC Radio Berkshire began a six-part broadcast of the recent visit of two SURF trustees – Sam and Jeff Hunt – to Rwanda. Sam and Jeff both live in Berkshire, and Sam teaches there too – at Sandhurst Comprehensive School. The broadcast is in the form of an interview by Clare Catford with Sam and Jeff, and features an audio travel diary. It presents a fascinating insight into the lives of individual survivors, and can be accessed here (at 02:35:00). Subsequent editions will be broadcast each Sunday at around 830am.

The PBS Online Newshour features a remarkable slide show of images taken by photojournalist Kathryn Cook. The haunting photos were taken primarily at the survivors’ villages of Kinyinya and Kamonyi – built by SURF through funding from Comic Relief. This gives a complementary insight into the lives of survivors – through the lens.

SURF is grateful for all media support that we receive, ultimately helping us in raising awareness of the ongoing challenges for survivors in Rwanda.

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