One of the great benefits of my job as Director of Survivors Fund (SURF) is the opportunity to meet an array of supporters of our work. Over the past ten days, then I have enjoyed three such meetings:

Last week, I was guest of honour at the Year 13 assembly of Little Heath School in Tilehurst, Reading. Last summer the students heard a presentation of our work by SURF Trustee, Sam Hunt, and were moved to undertake a fundraising campaign that has generated already £1,700. The funds will be used as an endowment to secure the education of two orphaned children of a deceased widowed survivor of the genocide.

On Monday, we convened the first meeting of the SURF Projects Team, a virtual team of supporters that have volunteered their time and expertise to help on a variety of tasks including editing, translation and research. Individuals can contribute to the work where and when they can – as all the projects can be undertaken remotely, requiring only internet access. If you are interested in joining the team, then please register your interest here.

This week, I delivered a presentation on restorative justice for survivors of the genocide in Rwanda at the LSE at a special seminar organised by SURF Supporter, Noam Schimmel. Along with the SURF Programme Manager, Sam Munderere, we spoke about the complexities and challenges of delivering restorative justice for survivors.

Whether the support is in the form of funding, volunteering or learning – it is all greatly appreciated.

May support for SURF long continue!

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