SURF on the BBC

SURF’s BBC Radio 4 Charity of the Week Appeal was broadcast this Sunday. For those that missed it, there is another chance to hear the broadcast on Thursday 18th June at 3:27pm or to listen below:

SURF on BBC Radio 4 Appeal

The broadcast refers to SURF’s housebuilding programme. This has been made possible due to the generosity of a number of donors, in particular Comic Relief. A short film about the programme is available on youtube:

Also referenced is SURF’s antiretroviral treatment programme to support 2,500 women survivors raped and infected with HIV during the genocide. It is funded by the Department for International Development – more information about which was featured in our earlier blog post: DFID’s Support for Survivors.

As Lindsey mentions, “any sum can help SURF gather testimonies and build memorials, to ensure the victims will never be forgotten.” The recording of testimonies has been particularly important to our work, to raise awareness of the situation of survivors today. We are staging a Reading of the Testimonies at the Whitechapel Gallery on 12th July 2009 – so we hope that you are able to join us then.

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