BBC Radio 4 Appeal Launched


The Survivors Fund (SURF) BBC Radio 4 Appeal is now live.

You can listen to it on the BBC website here.

It was recorded on our behalf by SURF Patron, Actor and Radio Documentary maker, Felicity Finch.

The Appeal features the story of Sandrine, one of the many survivors that Survivors Fund (SURF) has supported over the years. 

Thank you to Felicity for agreeing to record the appeal, and in to all those of you that are in a position to support it, which you can do by donating here.

Felicity Finch

Any help that you can provide in raising awareness of that through your social media channels will be greatly appreciated which you can do so by reposting information from our X and Facebook channels. 

To amplify the campaign, we are launching a LinkedIn campaign. If you are on LinkedIn, please can you consider supporting our Appeal by making a donation and posting the following message…

We are trying to raise one million dollars for charity through LinkedIn.

This week’s BBC Radio 4 Appeal is for Survivors Fund (SURF), the principal international organisation that supports Survivors of the Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. A charity whose work I support.

We are currently marking the 30th Anniversary of the Genocide in which one million Tutsi and a number of moderate Hutu were killed in one hundred days between April and July 1994.

Since that time, Survivors Fund (SURF) has been providing support to the estimated 250,000 survivors that are still dealing with the legacy of the genocide: people left impoverished, disabled and unsurprisingly still traumatised.

The Appeal features the story of just one survivor we support, Sandrine.

Sandrine was just eleven when her parents were killed in front of her. She was raped by militia, cut with machetes and infected with HIV. She couldn’t graduate from school and had no job. Homeless, living in poverty, emotionally and physically scarred with acute trauma, she had no hope for a better future.

Sandrine is just one of tens of thousands of survivors in Rwanda that Survivors Fund (SURF) has helped.

This post is to ask for your help, with just two actions.

  1. Please join me in donating £30 to the Appeal.
  2. Please repost, or cut and paste and personalise, this message and name up to 30 contacts who may be willing to support this Appeal by donating £30 and forwarding this on to 30 of their contacts too.

If 30 people donate £30, forward this on to 30 people who each donate £30, who then forward on to 30 people who each donate £30, then together we will have raised £837,900 – which is equivalent to $1,072,050!

    Maybe you can’t give £30, or do not have 30 contacts that you are confident to forward on the Appeal. That is fine. Giving any amount and forwarding on the appeal to any number of people, will still make an important contribution.

    With your support we can ensure that we can continue that work for the decades ahead, and signal an important message to survivors that the world has not forgotten them.

    Thank you!

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