Beer Drinkers of the world unite

AVEGA-Agahozo members meet for an IGA Training Group
AVEGA-Agahozo members meet for an IGA Training Group

For the cost of about 4 pints of beer you can provide a lifetime’s income for the family of a widow of the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. If you invest £18 (the price of 4 pints of posh beer?) in banana plants you could provide the necessary capital for a banana beer brewing business.

Here’s Julianna’s story: Julianna, lost her home, her husband was killed and she was raped. Julianna is brewing banana beer, which generates £10 a week. She needs a £300 loan, (to be repaid at low interest) to expand her business, and dreams of being able to renovate her house. Please invest in Julianna, and other African women so they can be self-sufficient and in charge of their lives. £30, £55, £75

Good Gifts Work! Here’s Charlotte’s story: Charlotte is 50 years old. Her husband was killed in the Genocide. She had a small piece of land on which she grew bananas, “Before I received support the harvest was very poor, because I grew local bananas, but after receiving the new plants from Good Gifts I started to invest more time, using manure…now every month generates more than £70 from selling bananas.

And here’s an idea to raise funds for women like Juliana and Charlotte. Could you give up beer till Christmas, and donate the savings? And why not get people to sponsor you or match fund you. It’d be good for you and wonderful for widows like Juliana and Charlotte.

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