Care and Treatment

I have blogged previously about the support of the UK Department of International Development (DFID) for survivors in Rwanda.

For five years, DFID have funded a Care and Treatment of Rwandan Genocide Survivors Infected by HIV/AIDS Project – referred to as CTP – which has supported health clinics run by AVEGA Central, AVEGA East and Solace Ministries to deliver holistic antiretroviral treatment to 2,500 HIV+ survivors of the genocide, and their dependents, in Rwanda. The project has been a remarkable success, as reported by DFID itself.

Funding for that project is due to end on March 31st, which will have a potentially cataclysmic effect for survivors.

Already, the three partners have had to give notice to their staff of impending termination of employment. The three clinics will be compelled to scale back their delivery of frontline services: medical services, social services, trauma counselling and income generating activities.

This will result in much reduced, and lower quality, care for survivors, and will be a significant setback to helping them and their dependents out of poverty.

A grant proposal  has been submitted to DFID requesting an additional one year of funding, to give the partners time to source additional funding to ensure that survivors can receive the care and treatment vital for their continued well-being.

To learn more about the project, and to give your support, please watch the short film on the DFID website and post a comment there.

Thank you.

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