Leadership for Life Training Graduates
Leadership for Life Training Graduates

From 1st to 3rd February 2019, a three-day Leadership for Life training was conducted for 100 youth members of GAERG and AERG, in partnership with Emerging Leaders.

The programme, held at the Kigali Genocide Memorial,  is aimed at equipping the youth with the motivation, mindset and skills to become productive youth citizens for the future.  Whilst recognising the victim status of the past, the training is committed to developing the agency of the participants to become the changemakers of the future.

The focus is on developing both youth entrepreneurship and productive youth citizens. The output of each Leadership for Life training is to foster the youth participants the become both business entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs.

Participants in the Leadership for Life Training

At the conclusion of the training, the expectation is that the participants will train more youth in their communities, so that over 20,000 people will ultimately benefit from the programme.

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