As gacaca courts formally closes this week, Survivors Fund (SURF), along with our partner REDRESS, have been working with survivor’s organisations in Rwanda to ensure that concerns over their closure are addressed. In particular this relates to the issues of reparation and enforcement of compensation awards.

In an article “Rwandans reflect on Gacaca as trials come to an end” in the New Times, President of IBUKA, Dr. Jean Pierre Dusingizemungu comments that though the traditional courts did tremendous work to provide justice, it has left pending cases, especially those concerning property.

“The issue of compensation needs immediate approach for the victims to be compensated,” said Dusingizemungu. “There is also need for clear laws that determine how victims should be compensated, and how the pending cases will be tried to avoid incidences of wrongly releasing the suspects,”

Constantin Rukundo, Coordinator of the Student Genocide Survivors Association (AERG), wondered what will happen to victims who did not get court orders regarding their compensation.

“We have many cases where victims were not given court orders. Now that Gacaca has closed, we are wondering how and who will address their issues,” said Rukundo.

Further reports have been published on the BBC, Hirondelle News and the New Times.

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