EIE Update

The overarching aim of the Education into Employment programme is to combat unemployment amongst AERG members. It is skills-based and offers instruction in three main areas: I.C.T, English and job search and application.


The I.C.T training includes all standard software programmes as well as Social Media. Graduates have been encouraged to employ the skills they have learnt in the setting up of small businesses.

In the period April – June 2013 there were 305 graduates of the I.C.T. training course in the Kigali region and 405 in the Eastern region.

Future aims for this branch of the programme include follow-up to see how former participants are progressing in business/employment, placement of participants into employment and expansion of training into four more regions.


In response to a need identified by participants themselves: to improve their English, an English Club model was established, with groups based in Kigali universities. Participants gain experience in both conversation and presentation skills. English-speaking volunteers, such as students and visitors to Rwanda, have been recruited to lead the sessions, allowing participants to benefit from interaction and tutelage from native speakers.

Future aims are to expand this branch of the programme to create more groups and increase the involvement of English-speaking volunteers as tutors/session leaders.

Skills in business and resources in job search and application

This branch of the programme is directed at AERG members who have not had the opportunity to attend university. The primary activity undertaken so far has been to train of a pool of mentors for participants. The method used in mentor training has been TRM: Trauma Resiliency Model. This will allow mentors to assist participants in overcoming emotional and psychological obstacles to their progress and personal development, which are experienced as after effects by young people made orphans by the 1994 genocide.

Mentoring will also focus on the business-related knowledge which participants currently lack, for instance instruction on company models and training on Income Generating Activities.

Future aims for this section of the programme are its development in partnership with Project Umubano and the Cherie Blair Foundation.

As an additional resource, Green Light is a careers magazine for AERG members which includes postings of job opportunities and tips for job applications and career development. It also features successful individuals as career models. The magazine is produced in partnership with GW, a digital marketing agency, and is published monthly. The future aim is to publish bimonthly.

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