End of Year Appeal

End of Year Appeal

As 2009 draws to a close, we have been working on our end of year appeal.

Virgin Money GivingSurvivors Fund (SURF) does not have an annual fundraising dinner or event, and as such is dependent on the generosity of supporters through the duration of the year.

With the help of two of our patrons – Lindsey Hilsum and Felicity Finch – we have circulated a call to give to all our supporters. As we have transitioned all of our communications online – through  this blog as well as a monthly e-newsletter – this is our one mailshot of the year. You can download a copy of the appeals here:


We now wait, and hope, for a positive response!

Already this year, we have generated more from online donations, than we have secured over the previous two years – £15,000. Due to this shift in the mode of giving, we have undertaken research to establish the most cost-effective means of processing online donations – which is why we have signed up this month with Virgin Money Giving. As a not-for-profit operation, we are charged only 2% commission, and no monthly fee, ensuring that more of your money goes to the cause that it is intended.

In this difficult financial climate, not everyone can support us financially. However, you can still support us in person. On Tuesday 1st December, Lindsey Hilsum will be speaking with two young survivors from Rwanda on the Media and the Genocide at 5pm in the New Theatre at the London School of Economics. If you are able to make it, then please do pop in to the Old Building to see your exhibition – Heroes of our Time – which runs till December 18th.

Thank you.

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