Fundraising in June

This morning at the BBC, SURF Patron and International Editor of Channel 4 News, Lindsey Hilsum, recorded a Charity Appeal for Survivors Fund which is due to be broadcast on Sunday 14th June on Radio 4. Lindsey has been a remarkable supporter of our work. As the only British journalist in Kigali at the start of the genocide in April 1994, and having returned back to Rwanda several times since then, she has regularly reported on the situation of survivors. Her articles in publications such as The Observer and New Statesman around SURF’s campaign for antiretroviral treatment for women survivors raped and infected with HIV during the genocide were particularly important in securing funding from DFID for our Care and Treatement Programme. For a preview…

Another, long-term supporter of SURF has been the actress and presenter Felicity Finch. Felicity is most well-known for her role as Ruth in The Archers. However she regularly presents reports on Woman’s Hour – including several stories on the work of SURF and our partners – such as the one here. Felicity will be presenting a project of SURF at the forthcoming The Funding Network on June 2nd. For more information on this event (which will feature a presentation from James Bond star, Daniel Craig) then please sign up to our mailing list.

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