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University Support
University Support

The support from Good Gifts through the Charities Advisory Trust continues to be transformative for thousands of genocide survivors and their dependents across Rwanda. The impact of the funding from Good Gifts is enabling SURF and its local partner organisations to respond to the needs of the genocide survivors, and in most cases enabling them and members of their household to generate an income that delivers a sustainable impact far beyond the period of the grants. This is leading our partner organisations and the survivors supported through the programme to become more independent and self-sufficient.

This is one of a series of posts we will be publishing of the impact of the gifts, with a link to the specific gift which enabled us to make this support possible.

University support

Through the support of Good Gifts, Carine Ishimwe, who is aged 22, has been accepted and enrolled in a university undergraduate course, studying Public Health at the University of Mount Kenya, Kigali campus.

Public health covers a range of fields, everything from fighting outbreaks of infectious diseases across the globe to developing and presenting wellness programs in local communities. Helping Carine to access a higher education programme in public health will help her attain her dream of becoming a health worker.

Carine comments: “Since my childhood, I have aspired to work in the health sector, but after my high school, I could not get the chance as I did not have good enough grades to be awarded a scholarship from the Government of Rwanda. I thought that the opportunity to fulfill my dream ended there. But I thank Survivors Fund (SURF) for helping me to pursue my studies in public health and take me a step closer to realizing my dream of becoming a health worker. I am almost finished my studies. This is my final year and I believe after school I will be able to help people in communities by helping in epidemic prevention, as well as improving nutrition, health and well-being.”

Public health also prepares professionals who can teach vulnerable communities and the general public how to better care for themselves. It promotes better living habits like exercise and regular medical visits. 

Public health specialists may also initiate programmes that promote healthy habits and practice within families, so that people know how to identify a health emergency and how to react to it. 

You can buy a gift to Fund a 3-year degree course for an African orphan here.

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