Green Light

Green Light

A key component of the Education into Employment programme that Survivors Fund (SURF) supports in partnership with AERG (Student Survivors Association) is a career development newsletter – Green Light.

As we publish the sixth issue, we share that with you here:

Green Light

As the editor of the magazine, Eugene Ndagijimana writes in his introduction:

The purpose of the magazine is to guide university students and recent graduates towards information and advice about jobs and opportunities, and how to become more employable and move forward in life. If you are a job seeker, or soon will be, this is the magazine for you. Subscribe electronically to make sure you don’t miss an issue!

Each magazine has a key theme and when we were planning our editorial content we asked students What next? After they graduate, many express the desire to go on to do a Masters course, and ideally, they say, outside Rwanda. These days a bachelors degree has become such a popular thing that people are turning to Masters and PhDs hoping that this will help them to be unique and to secure good jobs. If this is your dream , how realistic is it? Well you have found the right publication!

This issue is a landmark publication, as it is the first that we have been able to cover the costs of production entirely through advertising. You can support the magazine by advertising in the next issue, further information here.

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