Income generating activities

Income generating activities are critical to enable survivors of the genocide in Rwanda to be self-sufficient.

SURF is fortunate to receive funding from a number of sources to help support the income generating activities of our partners, such as AVEGA. In particular, funding from the Department for International Development, as well as from the Good Gifts catalogue, enables survivors to form into cooperatives to undertake projects that range from animal husbandry to handicrafts (such as cardmaking, as demonstrated below).

There are a number of goods that the survivors produce that have the potential to generate income. SURF can assist in the process, by bringing products to a wider market. As such, we have established a dedicated page on our website to virtually display and electronically retail a selection of handmade goods produced by survivors.

In the first instance, we are launching the initiative with two ranges of products: Jewellery and Greeting Cards. There is further information on each range now available online. However, if you are passing through West London and would like to buy any of the products in person then please do come in to visit us at 10 Rickett Street, London SW6 1RU.

As Christmas approaches, we hope that you will consider these the perfect gifts!

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