In partnership with AERG (Association of Student Survivors of Genocide), Survivors Fund (SURF) has helped to develop the Kigali Language Exchange (KLE), which is delivering high quality, affordable English language training to all in Kigali. What is unique about the initiative is that 70% of all profits are to be reinvested into the Education into Employment programme which AERG continues to coordinate for university students in Rwanda.

KLE was initiated based on a need within Rwanda – which has recently transitioned from being a Francophone to an Anglophone country, thus creating high demand for quality English teaching. There are currently few good quality, affordable language schools in Kigali, thus developing the school is helping to support the overall development of Rwanda.  At the same time, its main purpose is to raise the funds necessary to support the ongoing running cost of the Education into Employment Programme.

With the experience of SURF and AERG in teaching English to University students through the Education into Employment Programme, the organisations are well positioned to scale up the teaching and offer high quality language training to business and professionals within the corporate domain in Kigali.

KLE has been in operation since 20th September 2011, and is currently delivering training to an array of organisations – including a number of other SURF partners (AVEGA, IBUKA and Kanyarwanda), in order to strengthen their English.

SURF and AERG are very grateful to the Stanley Foundation, for sharing this vision with us and helping us to fund the start-up costs for this venture. We are grateful as well to the team that is leading the project Lucy-Anna Kelly, and Portia Comenetia Allen, as well as to MR Thomas and Tamorah Greenwood for their input.

To download further information on KLE, then please see our brochure.

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