A primary focus of SURF’s work is rebuilding the lives of survivors by working with our partner organisations to increase numbers of those with secure and sustainable livelihoods.

Our largest funder in 2009 was the Charities Advisory Trust which, through its remarkable Good Gifts Catalogue initiative, enabled this work. Searching through our film archive, I discovered this report on the project from the BBC in 2005, which though dated highlights how the programme continues to run to this day

Over the past year, we have been able to provide more livestock to survivors of the genocide than ever before. Over 1,000 goats and nearly 10,000 chickens were distributed (as well as 2 prize bulls!) through our partners, including AVEGA Agahozo, AOCM and Solace Ministries. This has helped to boost the standard of living, build confidence and self esteem, and reduce poverty and vulnerability amongst survivors.

The livestock provide nutrition (milk, eggs, meat) plus a source of income. They also provide manure for the small farms used by the beneficiaries and for small income generation.

Through this project, the lives of thousands of survivors have changed immeasurably for the better. Over the year ahead, we are hoping to strengthen this component of our work – so watch this space!

PS – Geoffrey, formerly the programme manager at SURF featured in the film, now works at ADRA Rwanda – our partner for a new project funded by the Charities Advisory Trust, which is training and distributing donkeys to plough and carry for members of AVEGA Western Region.

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