New Mobile Library

The Good Gifts New Mobile Library
The Good Gifts New Mobile Library

Through the support of the Good Gifts Catalogue we have been able to procure, configure and operationalise a second Mobile Library in Rwanda which will make books available to refugee camps in Rwanda, in partnership with Impact Hope. The vehicle is electric, and as such is cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly.

The mobile library brings resources outside of the library’s fixed location to users who otherwise may not get a chance to benefit from them. It also effectively extends the reach of the library’s safe learning and social development areas.

After a successful mobile library pilot, Good Gifts helped Survivors Fund (SURF) complete another milestone, where a new mobile library was introduced to the refugee camps in Rwanda. SURF is partnering with Impact Hope, a non-profit empowering refugee youth, by educating them into self-sufficiency at safe boarding schools. This mobile library is serving the young children from the refugee camp by promoting reading during school and after school.

The Director of Impact Hope commented: “I thank God for this good and impactful partnership between Survivors Fund (SURF) and Impact Hope to promote reading in different schools of the refugee camp. As you know, the young children here are not able to access different books for reading. But this library will serve as an answer to problems we have to provide a quality education. This library will serve more than 10 schools during both the school term time, and holidays, where children will borrow books for reading and return them. It will also improve the culture for reading and enable young people to make the most of their time at both school and during the holidays”.

Through the Good Gifts website, you too can now can contribute to setting up new mobile libraries as well as equipping them with new books for more children across Rwanda to access.

This is just one of a number of different gifts which we help to deliver in Rwanda, which include livestock, solar lights and  meals for schoolchildren and much more.

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