New Strategic Plan

Survivors Fund (SURF) Office in Kigali
Survivors Fund (SURF) Office in Kigali

Every three years, the partners, trustees and staff of Survivors Fund (SURF) undertake a review of our work to date, and develop a strategic plan for our work ahead. We discuss what are the proiorities for survivors now and likely in the three year period ahead, and what resources we have as an organisation to help address them.

Over recent weeks, we have been publishing here background on the context of our work in areas such as justice, social protection, health and mental health. All of which informs our planning.

The result of which is a formal Strategic Plan which sets out the focus and targets for our work ahead, which we have just published on our website, and which you can review through this link here.

The Strategic Plan is informed by our partners, and the survivors that they represent. It sets out a demanding but exciting agenda of support to our partners. It will deliver greater impact for those we are seeking to help. By balancing our programmes, advocacy work and capacity building with our fundraising, monitoring and evaluation we will increase our reach and build greater support for our work. The Strategic Plan will be continuously monitored to inform the future direction and development of Survivors Fund (SURF).

Our key themes and targets for 2021 – 2023 will be:

Direct support to rebuild lives

  • Sustainable livelihoods for survivors and related vulnerable persons through a focus on income generating activities, entrepreneurship and employment
  • Improve the well-being of survivors and related vulnerable groups through a focus on mental health provision, memorialisation and physical health education
  • Reduce the vulnerability of survivors and related vulnerable persons through a focus on decent housing, food security and elderly care

Advocacy and Capacity Building to sustain support

  • Improve the enforcement of rights and legal representation of survivors and related vulnerable persons in Rwanda
  • Enable sustainability of survivor organisations in Rwanda over the long term

We look forward to reporting on our progress ahead.

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