One of the students interning with us at SURF writes about her experience!

“This is what kept me busy in Rwanda! For the last seven weeks I have been interning at SURF (Survivors Fund), an organization that funds projects of survivors of the genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda working in partnership with AVEGA,  AERG, Kanyarwanda, solace ministry, Uyisenga N’ Imanzi,  .

Pictured above is liliane

I am glad I chose to work with this organization, I learnt a lot! I met different survivors, I heard their sad stories and cried with them, I learnt of the challenges they still face 22 years after the genocide and this has taught me that healing has nothing to do with time. Also, I can’t ignore their success stories I heard and rejoiced with them! Thank you for teaching and inspiring me with your resilience and perseverance. I promise to keep advocating for you.”

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