Reaching Rwanda

Reaching Rwanda
Reaching Rwanda

Last week a group of 26 students and teachers from Sandhurst School, Berkshire in the UK led by Samantha Hunt, SURF’s Chairperson and Deputy Head Teacher at this school, visited SURF’s projects in Rwanda and most importantly took part in rebuilding the lives of survivors through a range of activities.


Students and teachers from Sandhurst visit Rwanda every two years as part of the Reaching Rwanda project which the school has established, and participate in diverse development activities including paying for renovation of survivors’ houses and supplying furniture, providing scholarships to students, helping survivors to start small businesses and providing livestock.

This year the group has provided scholarships to one university student for a 3 year course, provided vocational training for one young girl who had dropped out of school, renovated, painted and equipped 3 homes of survivors in Ntarama survivors village, provided livestock (a cow, goats and chicken to 3 households) as well as supporting 2 single mothers to start small businesses and a group of 3 young survivors in Ntarama village to start a brick making business.

In addition the group has helped to seed the setting up of a small library at the Ntarama sector office which will help young children to develop a reading culture at an early age.

The students and teachers really work hard to raise money for these projects and have established a long term relationship with Ntarama survivors’ village. To date the group has renovated and equipped 8 homes, provided scholarships to over 12 University students, provided livestock to over 16 households, and helped set up 19 small business.

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