Reaching Rwanda 2020

Reaching Rwanda 2020
Reaching Rwanda 2020

Continuing our series of articles from our Annual Report 2019/20, we outline here our current work on our Reaching Rwanda project.

Sandhurst School has been running its ground-breaking Reaching Rwanda project in partnership with Survivors Fund (SURF) since 2008. Pioneered by the Sandhurst School Deputy Head Sam Hunt, who is also Chair of SURF, the Reaching Rwanda project has worked extensively in Rwanda by linking UK school students with survivors.

The project has three main aims:

  • To inform students about the Rwandan genocide and of the continued plight of survivors of the genocide today
  • To connect students with genocide survivors and enable them to become friends
  • To enable students to become actively involved in improving the life chances of genocide survivors and to see the difference their efforts make

The young people of Sandhurst School are highly engaged in supporting survivors of the 1994 Rwandan genocide thanks to the efforts of Sam and its dedicated teachers.

Sandhurst School Sixth Form students and local community volunteers have made five visits to Rwanda through the project. An enduring relationship for survivors and the school is now in place with annual skype calls between the students and the survivors. Students have been so moved through their experience and have supported the project raising over £100,000 for genocide orphans.

Devoted to improving education and livelihoods across Rwanda the project has in particular supported ‘Ntarama Survivors Village’ in Bugesera, Eastern Province. Prior to their involvement only two youths attended university but through Reaching Rwanda support, 5 additional youths have now graduated. The emergency housing built in the village post genocide is now dilapidated. The villagers lived a nomadic kind of life before getting the support from the Reaching Rwanda project, staying with friends and relatives who could not provide for their needs. Reaching Rwanda has organised and gained funding to rebuild and furnish 10 houses securing safe accommodation for over 50 widows and child headed households. The Sandhurst Sixth Form Students and volunteers decorate and furnish these homes for local families during their visits.

Additionally, the project has helped 18 widows and 4 youth members of this village to start their own small businesses. Thirty-three further businesses provide an income to 110 survivors, and the project has helped over 20 survivors to attend university, 8 young people to access vocational training and a further 31 to access schooling.

A further visit took place in February 2020.

You can follow the progress of the Reaching Rwanda programme on its facebook page.

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