Retreat for Women Genocide Survivors in Rwanda

AVEGA IGA and Counselling groups in Northern Province
AVEGA IGA and Counselling groups in Northern Province

This summer, Liliane Pari Umuhoza, returns to Survivors Fund (SURF) to program manage a Retreat for Women Genocide Survivors in Rwanda, a SURF project, in association with AVEGA Agahozo.

The Retreat will bring together 30 women survivors for three days in a safe and nurturing environment where they can freely share their journeys and experiences, and help each other heal. The Retreat will be facilitated, but the participants will set the pace, hearing from others who will share their own experiences, and learn from and encourage each other.

Liliane is a genocide survivor herself, who interned with Survivors Fund (SURF) after completing her schooling at Agahozo Shalom Youth Village, where she was first able to access psychological support and recognised the transformative impact that it can have for survivors. Whilst at SURF she witnessed the challenges faced by widowed survivors in membership of AVEGA and committed to return to work with SURF to do more to help this vulnerable group in particular. As such, she will be voluntarily managing the pilot project, which if successful it is hoped will become an annual event.

The budget for the project is $4,500 which will fund the transportation, meals, accommodation, facilities and facilitation for all women to attend the Retreat.  The funding will be raised through contribution from supporters and sponsors.  Please consider becoming one.  You can contribute to this project through our Donate Now page, or click here to learn more about being a sponsor.


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