Solace Ministries

Solace Ministries

One of the key partners of Survivors Fund (SURF) is Solace Ministries, a Christian-based survivor’s organisation which ministers to widows and orphans of the genocide in Rwanda.

Established in 1995 by a survivor, Jean Gakwandi, SURF has supported its work which has included the construction of a now successful guest house (a great place to stay if you are looking for a quiet place in Kigali), as well as the establishment of a health clinic through a Care and Treatment Project for HIV+ women survivors funded by the Department for International Development.

The Independent on Sunday featured an article on their most recent project, the construction of a music studio through the support of a UK-based music producer, Dicken Marshall. The studio has already been put to good use, for the recording of a new album by the Solace Gospel Choir, Songs of Solace.

Through the support of Network 4 Africa, there is also now a thriving Learning Centre which, connected to the studio, offers music lessons.

Solace Ministries is a great example of how with an initial investment, an organisation can over time generate its own revenue which will ultimately help it to sustainability. Another example is AVEGA Eastern Region, which runs a successful conference and banqueting centre in Rwamagana.

That is the end to which SURF is working towards, to enable such partners to be self-sufficient. To hear of their success, is music to my ears!

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